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TVD: Of Silas, and Witches, and Hunters: Oh My!

Current meanderings about what’s what in Mystic Falls when it comes to Shane, the blown up council, Silas, and witches:

I think Shane is a scholar who believes in this stuff and wants the prize at the end of the Hunter puzzle and that that prize is immortality.  I think that there are a few screws loose.  He has found out that completing a Hunter’s mark requires killing vampires.  I think he sought out the Council because he found out about the vampires in MF (and let’s face it, it’s not like anyone’s done a bang up job of keeping it secret).  I think he convinced the Council he was in it to help them to kill vampires and find an ultimate weapon against them.    I think April’s dad figured out that Shane was just using them and that Shane’s real goal would risk waking up Silas (the greater evil referred to in his letter to April).  So in an act of desperation the good pastor sent himself and his followers to the other side where (as Bonnie said in ep 1, witches have free reign) to be better able to fight what will happen if Silas wakes up. 

I know I should probably save that for a subsequent predictions article but it’s basically my current big picture idea for what is going on in MF, The Hunters, and the greater evil.

To be devil’s advocate to myself, then WHY would a witch create a spell to empower people to better kill vampires if at the end of that spell is the release of something even worse?

My take is that someone played a very bad joke on someone.  Either the witch at the beginning of The Five was working to find Silas, or she bought into the idea that completing a hunters’ mark WOULD destroy all vampires.  The question becomes this?  Who created the legend of the “cure”?

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